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Steffannie Roache MS LPC LLC


We all have 'It', the essential building blocks we need to find fulfillment, joy, success, and peace. 'It' is the ability to respect ourselves and others, to love and be loved in a healthy equitable manner. 

'It' gives us the courage to do what we must to work towards our greatest level of well-being. It' helps us open our own doors, sometimes with a little help, but never waiting for someone else to come opem them for us. 'It' drives us to accept reality and change it too; to face challenges and overcome the issues that cause us to doubt ourselves. My life's work and joy is to see each person remember the truth, we've a;lways possessed.. You have 'It' and it's been in you all along,." - Steffannie Roaché

Steffannie is a licensed professional counselor and a consultant with a BS in human development and an MS in mental health counseling. Her style is person centered, holistic, and respectful of each person's strengths, abilities, and unique cultural considerations.

She is experienced in working with people who have known the emotional pain of trauma. Steffannie is able to engage each one in a genuine way that helps them explore their past, present, and set healthy goals for a great future.

She enjoys facilitating professional training's for large and small organizations as well as psycho-educational groups and public speaking events for large or small organization.

Contact Steffannie for Professional Consultation or Public Speaking engagements: Contact Us ([email protected])